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Lakshmi Living Arts 2022

Lakshmi Living Arts is a space to be present, to recognize and connect to the all knowing, all pervasive Self and embrace all of who we are—right now– as Divine Human Beings. Our intention is to share practices that increase sustained Self-awareness and lead us back to the joy of Self when distractions of daily life, cultural conditioning, unmourned pain and sorrow, and constant fear cause us to forget the greatness of who we truly are.



The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle: A Home Study Book, Contemplation and Practice Group 

If you missed our on-line Power of Now study group, you can still participate via Home Study. This is a great alternative for studying at your own pace and still being linked-in to our collective contemplation. Follow the link below to participate and please feel free to write us with your observations, insights and experiences. Power of Now-Home Participation

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Articles about the 4 Arms of Lakshmi

Written by Rebecca Barry