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Sweet Weekly Happy Hour Yoga at Lakshmi 

 By Hilary Davis

On Fridays from 5pm-6pm there is a special gathering of hearts and bodies at Lakshmi Living Arts.

The Happy Hour class series at Lakshmi has its own flavor, a curious and loving space for community practice. A rotation of Lakshmi Teacher Training graduates take part of their journey into the seat of the teacher through this donation-based, all levels, hour long class, framed as an opportunity for teacher and student to learn from each other.

The series lends itself to experimentation, as teachers try out concepts and sequences newly discovered or formed through their current education. Students ask questions. Many fellow teachers attend the classes. Sometimes we’ll pause to workshop a pose or transition that has us puzzled. The attitude of the room is both sacred and relaxed, profound and casual, I love this combination of reverence and play.

Helping to organize and foster this program has connected me to the possibilities of collaborative support in the teaching community. It has also created a space for teachers to receive feedback from fellow teachers as a regular part of their growth. The series serves as a sweet introduction to students interested in Anusara Yoga but perhaps not yet regular attendees at Lakshmi. The by-donation model honors accessibility for all incomes as well as the continuing education that newer teachers receive by teaching these classes.
We would be honored to have your presence as part of this beautiful experiment. Feel free to contact me with any questions about the series and visit our website for a schedule of upcoming Happy Hour teachers.

Happy Hour Teacher Rotation Schedule