Devotion in Motion

With Hanuman’s guidance may we reveal and fulfill our Heart’s desire

Saturday, February 18…1:30-3:30 PM with Daniel Hill


This two hour workshop will incorporate Asana, Mantra and Meditation in an exploration of the stories of Hanuman. Hanuman is the quintessential servant of the Divine and as such serves as the gatekeeper between the “inner” and “outer” worlds. Hanuman teaches us the way of ceaseless pursuit of the essence of the Heart; he guides the discovery and bringing forth of our innate essential power through devotion, dedication, and discipline.

Join Daniel in this workshop to cultivate the courage and discipline to bring forth our Hanuman Power in the New Year! Asana will be playful and challenging; suitable for anyone with at least a basic understanding of yoga postures and (the desire to cultivate) a courageous Heart!

Workshop cost: $20

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