Wednesdays with Taryn beginning June 10

Taryn Wednesdays (1)

8-9am, via zoom

For those days when you’d like to break a slight sweat or even challenge your body physically. When you feel inspired or rested enough to move with enthusiasm. For times when pitta has taken charge and needs to be harnessed. For when you’d like opportunities to increase or decrease the difficulty of poses. Increasing difficulty might build heat, or increase your heart rate. Decreasing difficulty will give you time and space to incorporate the previous pose, easily maintain breath control, and let your body be your guide.

This class will help you work on balance, strength, stability, alignment, grace, poise. And if it feels too fast or too hard, join us on Thursdays. We want to support you in feeling yoked to your truest self by respecting the present state of your body and mind — every time you practice.

You need to register for the class by 7:30am Wednesday morning, a zoom link will be shared with you the morning of class.

Wednesday 8am