Adrenal Fatigue: Healing Your Hormones

Medical Conversation and Movement to Reclaim Vitality!

with Paula Fitzsimmons P.A. and Hilary Davis

April 15th 


Explore the Cortisol/Stress response with Paula Fitzsimmons, integrative and functional medicine practitioner and through yoga practice for adrenal health with Anusara Elements teacher Hilary Davis. How is your body responding to your behaviors, stress, nutrition and sleep? How can you identify hormonal symptoms and heal the adrenal system? Learn about your inner workings in the name of wellness, vitality and longevity. Our first session will provide a framework for understanding the adrenal system in the context of our endocrine system and hormonal networks. We’ll follow this conversation with a yoga practice designed to cleanse and pacify the endocrine system. Our second session will delve more deeply into strategies and healing protocols to address adrenal fatigue. The asana portion will focus on psoas awareness and the nervous system. Deep relaxation and meditative movement to conclude. Leave this series with a strategic plan of action and an introductory adrenal education on the path to self-healing.

Bring – Comfortable clothes for sitting and for yoga practice. Pencil/Pen notebook, water bottle, snacks.       Cost: $60