Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

A basic overview of the structures and functions of the muscular and skeletal systems

Fridays 10-1 with Rachel Bush

anatomy for yoga teachers

Introduction to Anatomy (required)- April 10

Anatomy of the Spine- April 17

Pelvis and upper leg- April 24

Shoulder girdle- May 1

Head and Neck- May 8

Feet and knees- May 15

Hands and elbows- May 22

Cost: $45 per class

Introduction to anatomy is a prerequisite for all other classes. You may drop in to the other classes or sign up for all of them in advance.

Early Bird—Sign up for all 7 classes by April 4th and receive a FREE individual session with Rachel.

Please email to Preregister:

*We will be using the text book Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel. Please purchase a copy of this book for class.

This course is designed for yoga teachers but open to other professionals and students who wish to have a better understanding of their own anatomy. Learning anatomy is basically learning a new language and often it is difficult to make a connection between the words and their actual meaning.

In this course we will be learning this new vocabulary through the arts of observation, palpation(touch) and self-massage to ground the information through our senses. In this way we will see and feel our anatomy and hopefully experience this new vocabulary in a way that is straight forward and less intellectual, because really there is nothing more basic and intimate than our own anatomy.

In this course we will not only explore language and meaning but also learn how to see the body in and out of it’s natural alignment and how to offer verbal and manual assists to our students to make the practice of Asana more therapeutic.

immersion27With Rachel Bush

Rachel is a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Herbalist. She enjoys teaching with humor and a light heart while weaving storytelling with technical instruction to demystify the structures of mind and body.