1 on 1 Ayurveda Consultations

with Cynthia King

March 13, 2016 – March 14, 2016
10:30 am – 2:00 pm

girl in nature

Ayurveda, (eye-yur-VAY-duh), derived from the Sanskrit words for “life” and “knowledge or wisdom”, is an ancient traditional system of natural healing that is deeply rooted in yoga and the Vedic culture of India. With a long clinical history of healing, our offerings are chosen to support and compliment a clean, balanced and joyful modern lifestyle.

An Initial Ayurveda Consultation* will take an hour and consist of a brief explanation of Ayurveda, a discussion of your Ayurveda Constitution Mind-Body Type (Prakriti), your imbalances (Vikriti) and presenting concerns. To understand the causative factors involved, we will discuss your history, current lifestyle, environmental surroundings, daily routines and body system functions including: appetite, digestion and elimination. Evaluation of your tongue and pulse will be assessed. An Ayurvedic plan of (any number of the following) diet, health routine, herbs, yoga, pranayama and meditation will be emailed to you within a week.
*Once your consultation appointment is scheduled, a detailed intake evaluation will be emailed to you; please email the form returned via email to cynthia@5elementspa.com.


Sign up today! Email Cynthia@5elementspa.com to request your desired time. Once requested, you will be emailed a very detailed intake form. Please fill out the form and return it via email (to Cynthia@5elementspa.com) two days before your scheduled appointment.

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Trumansburg, NY 14886

$135/60 Minute Ayurveda Consultation Session; 48 hour cancellation policy. Payment due at time of consultation by check or (exact) cash.