Dundun Dance

with Kathy Lucas

September 10, 24, October 8, November 19 & December 10

11-1 PM


Dundun Dance Class is a fun, energetic drum and dance style originating from Guinea, West Africa traditionally practiced by women. Dunduns are cylindrical bass drums played with sticks. This dance and drum class is unique in that participants have the opportunity to dance while playing the rhythm. Unleash your inner dancer and drummer to this inspiring, supportive and friendly environment!
Reservations are necessary to ensure a drum and sticks.
Cost: $20 per class
Kathy is the founder and movement coach of MUVZ to Inspire. With 30 years of combined experience in dance, pilates and fitness coaching, Kathy strives to guide her clients toward a creative experience in movement transformation. With years of experience and a passion for cultural dance and movement forms, Kathy brings a global perspective to her classes and sessions. Whether she’s working with an individual client or in a group setting, Kathy is devoted to facilitating a supportive and inspiring experience.
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