Introduction to Thai Yoga Bodywork

with Helen Tseng, LMT

Class this Friday  the 7th canceled due to illness…

Fridays 14 & 28, 10:30am-12:00pm


Assisted yoga and bodywork rolled into one! Come and try this unique therapy for the body and spirit. Experience the balancing of your energy channels through palm, thumb, foot pressure and stretching. Open to all! Come as a free agent or bring a friend. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and plan to work on blankets on the floor.

$25.00 for each session, and $5.00 off if you bring a friend!

What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage is not like any bodywork you have experienced. It is a continuous palm, foot and thumb flowing, stretching dance the Practitioner has with the Client’s body. Some call it Yoga Assisted Bodywork. Needless to say, the body gets stretched. But it also gets palmed (by the hands) along energy channels that run throughout the body and pressed with the feet. And more specifically thumbed with the thumb pads along those major pathways within the body with attention to some pressure points!

The moving lom/qi/chi/prana flush debris through the Receiving Person’s Body. The Person may feel tension release or loosening in the muscle or and opening within a joint. Circulation in the body increases. The sensation is like none other!



Helen Tseng, BA, LMT, graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage, began her studies in Thai Yoga Massage at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY. She studied in depth in Thailand with Mr. Therdchai Chumphonpong (Mac) and in the States with Jonas Westring of Shantaya Yoga and Bodywork. Because of her love of the work, she began almost immediately to teach it
and has taught for over 10 years. She also enjoys tablework, Qi-gong
Healing and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in her private practice.


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