The Power of Contemplation

Travel to the realm of inner wisdom and watch your thoughts turn into nectar

Thursdays October 15 from 6:30-8 pm

with Amy Abelson

Contemplation is a maha (great) practice that supports all other practices. Journey from the mind to the heart and back again, to transform patterns of thinking, enlighten your understanding and inform your daily actions from the deep center of wisdom within. Take a journey to the Self and make your yoga come alive in ever more moments of your life.

In this course we will learn:

  •  a formal contemplation technique,
  •  to access and capture the insights that come from deep states of inner wisdom,
  •  the benefits of establishing a regular contemplation practice
  •  tips /suggestions to bring more ease and delight into your practices.


Cost: $20


Amy Abelson, Certified Anusara Yoga TeacherAmy Abelson, Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher

Over the years, Amy has operated from the understanding that as human beings, we can align with the power of consciousness to reveal and manifest the heart’s deepest longings. In her own life, she practices yoga, meditation, contemplation, and self-inquiry, as a way to engage this creative power in the quest to be more fully alive, playful, creative, and compassionate. As a yoga teacher, administrator, and mentor, Amy helps individuals realize the deepest longings that comprise their vision for life, love and work.


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