Online Power of Now

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle: A Book Study, Contemplation and Practice Group…Facilitated by Amy Abelson with Roberta Norman and Tom Prisloe

Is there any greater time than to Be here Now and savor the peace and joy that comes with Being Present? 

This group has now resumed on-line Thursday evenings from 7-8:15 PM You may participate in as many sessions as you like. 

There are 3 main components that make up this group

  • Listening to an audio excerpt
  • Contemplating a relevant aspect of that excerpt and sharing with others
  • An Inner body meditation or visualization

Additionally, if on-line does not work for you, or if you prefer another approach,

Click this link for: Power of Now-Home Participation

This link will be updated each Friday.  Here you will find the book pages we covered and the contemplation question(s) we used for the previous evening’s session. In this way you can dive into your own deep inquiry and follow along on your own.

Please sign on to Zoom a few minutes early to help get settled before we start, if you are joining via your phone you will want to download the free Zoom app, not necessary if joining via your computer:

check this link to participate online! Enter this Password: 282410

Contributions are gratefully appreciated. Below find drop down donation menus for single sessions or for several sessions. Thank you!

Power of Now