Harvest and Renewal Workshop

An Invitation to Inner Exploration

cover-for-email with Monique Fay

Thursday October 6, 6-8PM
Suggested donation $20

Essential to the workshop, the Apprentice Cards will be used as portals to access nature’s guidance and wisdom to help you reflect on the following 2 questions:

1- What did you cultivate this year that you are reaping now?

2- What do you want to cultivate in the year to come to maximize your potential?

This is an opportunity to take stock and gain insight into your personal life on one hand and in your contribution to the growth of humanity on the other.

The Apprentice Cards are a collection of 35 nature-inspired photographs that capture the essence of the 5 elements – earth, water, fire, air and space – which are the building blocks for our existence. They, like the Earth, serve as a mirror, catalyst and bridge between the outer world and our inner nature.

monique_fayMonique Fay, MA in Traditional Chinese Medicine, nature photographer, and author of The Book of Fay and the Apprentice Cards.  Utilizing her nature-inspired photography, Monique has achieved a unique and powerful style of healing and teaching.

Monique will also be offering individual consultations for $120 at Lakshmi on October 6 and 7.