Observation and Hands On Adjustment Workshop

For Yoga Teachers and Deepening Students.


With Certified Anusara Yoga Advanced Training Teachers,

Denise Hatch and Amy Abelson


Saturday August 12, 11 AM-6 PM
Sunday August 13, 9 AM-4 PM


Are you ready to take the next step as a yoga teacher or a deepening student? Observation is the art of seeing our students on all levels of their being. This requires the capacity to be fully present and includes much more than the observation of a discreet pose or point of alignment. Our goal is to empower our students to inhabit their bodies more fully, with both greater stability as well as with increased spaciousness or freedom. The first step towards this goal is to hone their intrinsic (already present) stability and spaciousness. We can only do this if we truly see them. Hands on Adjustments: After truly seeing our students we can make more intelligent and respectful decisions about whether to adjust or not and whether our adjustment should be made by a verbal cue, a light touch or a stronger physical assist of the pose. Learn how to make the most skillful physical adjustment so the recipient fully embodies the action you are teaching.

Cost: $180 for both days or $95 for 1 day

This course satisfies 12 hours of required 300 Anusara Yoga advanced training curriculum. Yoga teachers and students from all styles are welcome to attend.

For more information email us: info@LakshmiLivingArts.org

Hands-On Workshop