Delight in Your Divine Self:

2019-2020 Lakshmi Retreats

Saturdays 9am- 1pm


Delve into the study and practices of yoga and the meditative arts. During each retreat weekend, you will deepen the connection to your inner wisdom, trust yourself as you are, and return to the joy that is your essential nature. Each retreat includes meditation, contemplation, Self-inquiry, asana, pranayama, dialogue and journaling. Throughout the retreats, we will also practice visualization, affirmation, dancing from within, chanting, seva and mantra repetition.

Fall 2019 Retreats: (Take one or more retreats)

September 21: Enjoy the sweet surrender to grace! 

October 12:     Recognize yourself as nothing but divine!

November 23:  Embrace the fullness of who you are!

December 14:  Radiate your delight fully and freely!

Winter/Spring Retreats (Take one or more retreats)

January 11, 2020   February 8, 2020  April 4, 2020  May 2, 2020

Cost: Per Retreat: Early bird rate: $55 (paid one week in advance of session)

Regular rate: $65 or Purchase 4 Retreats for $200

Lakshmi Retreats

4 Retreats