Lakshmi’s Cycle of Giving & Receiving – a letter from Sara

There is an energetic connection between your heart and hands. It begins in utero when around week 6 your arms (and then your hands) grow directly out of your heart.

How can we explore this hand to heart connection? This spring in my classes I have been teaching embodiment of the organs. This focus shifts our attention from the external alignment of our muscular-skeletal system to the internal alignment of our organs and breath. In yoga, when we move our hands it energetically connects us back into the center of our hearts.

It is through our hands that we bring in to being the desire of our hearts. It is also how we partake in the cycle of giving and receiving.  Sharing through our actions the love in our hearts as well as accepting the gifts of the universe back into our hearts. Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance represents this beautiful cycle.

As Lissa pointed out in her article on Seva, when we practice selfless service, we initiate from a place of abundance so that our service overflows from this place.

At Lakshmi Living Arts we are so blessed with such a beautiful studio and gardens! When we pause and receive the abundance, we naturally feel inclined to celebrate and offer our love back out to the world. We have two events this month at Lakshmi that captures her spirit of giving and receiving.  I hope to see you there!

This Friday, on May 18th we are having a Gong Bath Fundraiserto benefit Hammerstone’s Rebuild Project in Puerto Rico! Julie Kitson and Maria Klemperer-Johnson were instrumental in creating the beautiful space we practice in. They are now working together on this inspiring project. Join us for Yoga (5-6), potluck (6-7), and/or sound healing (7-8). By donation.

And later this month a Garden Work Party! Come for morning yoga at 9 and stay for mindful gardening and snacks with fellow Yogis. We will be clearing the pathways in the meditation garden, so bring your favorite tools and work gear.  Saturday May  26th.